World Class VIP- Walt Disney World Tour (Orlando)

You’re probably one of the millions of people who tried so hard to obtain a fast pass for Slinky Dog Dash prior to visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I bet you even logged into the My Disney Experience app 60 days prior to your trip at the early hour of 6:00am and still didn’t secure that fast pass. So you find yourself thinking, “we’ll go early when the park opens, how bad can it be?” And then that day is here. You’re waking up when it’s dark out and you’re briskly walking (OK, you’re practically running) with mobs of people to the back of the park where the Slinky Dog Dash ride lives. It’s says there’s a one hour wait already? Yes, oh yes, so you get in that line and that’s how you begin your magical day. Always Somewhere Better knows a stress free, no wait, way to ride Slinky Dog Dash among every other ride. It’s called World Class VIP tours- read more and you’ll wonder how you can survive Disney World without them.

What does World Class VIP tours offer? World Class VIP will book your fast passes and your dining based on your groups preferences. You’ll schedule a phone call with your guide a week prior to your trip to discuss details. You’ll meet them at the entrance of the park and they’ll be your guide for the day. You’ll ride everything you want with minimal waits- think endless fast passes. They’ll park the stroller for you, meet you at the exit with the stroller, fill your popcorn bucket or grab you an iced coffee (bring some cash) all while you’re enjoying yourself on a ride. You don’t need to stare at your map and wonder if you should take a right or left to get to your next stop. Need to know where the closest bathroom is? They know them all. Perhaps your child isn’t tall enough to ride Everest at Animal Kingdom. Our guide, Anthony, stayed with our daughter while we had a little fun ourselves. Another perk- we did not need to buy the photo pass due to being able to use our guides photo pass card.

So, how much does this cost? Always Somewhere Better had three people (2 adults and 1 child) at the price point of $150 per hour. It should be noted that were repeat customers and their price has risen slightly per hour. The cost is based upon how many people are in your group but generally, up to 8/9 people can be with one guide. Therefore, if you had two families you could split the hourly rate. They do require a minimum of 6 hours per day, but we used them for multiple separate days and they allowed us to do 5 hours one day, 4 hours another day, etc. It is recommended that you tip your guide- we did 20% of our final bill.

Overall benefits– We spent mornings at a park and hot afternoons relaxing by the pool. We also saved money on a whole ticket day because we finished Magic Kingdom in one day, not two. We didn’t need to buy the photo pass because we used our guides card. We were relaxed and stress free and we did NOT spend thousands of dollars a day using Walt Disney World’s official VIP tour.

When you’re seeking the finest in luxury family travel, waiting in hours of lines to get on a ride does NOT sound appealing. World Class VIP can create a seamless, no stress way to thoroughly enjoy your Disney experience.

Website- World Class VIP

More info: For all of our World Class VIP pictures and videos visit our social media sites.

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