Montage Palmetto Bluff – Bluffton, South Carolina

Picture perfect Lowcountry South Carolina perfection- that is Montage Palmetto Bluff in a nut shell. We don’t travel in the United States often because frankly, we love our island ocean front resorts in the Caribbean. When we chose this one I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I don’t know.” At the end of our stay, I was plotting how I could move here forever.

Rooms: I highly recommend staying in one of the cottages facing the river or lagoon. They’re quiet and charming yet luxurious. At sunset, unwind in the enclosed screened in porch. It’s magical. After dinner, you’ll return to find the gas fireplace lit and the shades drawn.

Pools: This resort is located on the May River, so don’t expect a sandy beach. Hilton Head Island is approximately 20 minutes away if you’re in dire need of a beach, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what this property has to offer. There are a few pools on property but one is designated for families. I recommend getting to the family pool early on a busy weekend like Labor Day. Seats and umbrellas may be hard to come by after lunch. You can order lunch by the pool or eat in the Octagon Porch located right near the pool.

Activities: Rent bikes as soon as you get there- it’s the perfect way to get around! The bike shop offers kids bikes with training wheels, infant seats, and buggies. Don’t miss the two unbelievable tree-houses on property. One of them even has a little zip line. As an adult you’ll find yourself climbing the tree-houses as well. Between that and the bike riding, expect to feel like a kid all over again during your stay here. Be sure to book a dolphin tour on the river and don’t miss meeting one of the labrador retrievers that live on the property. Make sure the kids participate in the Montage merit program- it’s an activity scavenger hunt around the property where they’re awarded some serious pins. Our daughter surprisingly didn’t attend the kids club while we were there (too busy biking around!) but it looked wonderful.

Food: Our favorite breakfast spot was Buffalo’s. Sit outside and enjoy the views of the May river as well as the chapel. Cole’s restaurant was our favorite dinner spot- incredible comfort food and a banana pudding dessert I still dream about nightly. No, really. Every night they wheel out a s’mores cart with homemade flavored marshmallows such as lemon and chocolate.

The villages in Montage Palmetto Bluff will have you feeling as if you’re on a movie set. Perfectly manicured lawns, white porches with rocking chairs, large picturesque trees, gas lights illuminating your way around the property at nighttime, and cobblestone pathways are just a few of the simple southern yet upscale aspects of this property. Make this Southern resort a yearly retreat for finding peace within your busy lifestyle.

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Montage Palmetto Bluff website

Until next time, The O’Leary Family

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