The Grand Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

While we haven’t stayed on this property, we’ve stayed next door at The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real. With our recommendation to try the new Grand Reserve next door, friends of ours visited this property in April of 2019. We expected it to be a level up from the Reserve (hence the name Grand Reserve!) According to our friends, The Grand Reserve wasn’t as family friendly and accommodating as The Reserve. They didn’t offer the family concierge services; a butler who is super helpful in everything family/kid related and will leave your kids surprises. Also, in order to receive some services such as reservations at particular restaurants, you needed to be a “circle member.” We heard staff members can be pushy about wanting you to buy a circle membership. You’ve just paid to go on a vacation- who wants to be reminded while you’re there that you don’t get to use every amenity?

A positive note is that we’ve heard the water park is really cool for the kids. Trusty TripAdvisor is the way to go when booking a hotel like this. This property has potential, but I’d recommend giving it time. The service is not where it’s supposed to be. If you check the prices right now, you’ll get a super deal, but be wary of why. Also of note, both The Reserve and The Grand Reserve do NOT sit directly on the beach. You’ll need to take a golf cart to see the sand!

Here’s to hoping this property can work out the kinks!

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