Rosewood Mayakoba- Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Simply put, BEST SERVICE ever. I’m pretty sure if you want them to rub your feet every day at noon from your beach chair, they’d make it happen. The term “runs like a well oiled machine“ should be “runs like Rosewood Mayakoba.” Here’s why…

At the airport: Begin your trip by having the Rosewood pick you up at the airport. If you have a kiddo, they’ll have a spider monkey stuffed animal waiting in the SUV as well as cold towels, water, juice, and snacks. “Is the temperature ok?” “Do you need to connect to WIFI?” “What kind of music would you like to listen to?” are just a few of the questions they’ll ask you before your 30 minute ride begins.

Checking in: See that boat above? That is how you’ll be brought to your room where your butler will be waiting to greet you. Yes, that says butler because every room comes with one. Upon check in, you’ll notice that almost everyone already knows your name. Get ready to be the staff’s top priority during your stay.

Rooms: You can’t go wrong with the type of room you choose here. They all have plunge pools and are so thoughtfully designed, detailed, and beautiful. Showering in your private outdoor garden is a real treat (check out a video of the outdoor shower on our social media sites). Each room comes with bikes but FYI, they don’t have bikes for kids. The staff will drive you around in golf carts. The mattresses are hard, but they’ll gladly place a memory foam top on it should you need one. The kids will arrive to a pile of stuff in the room- puzzle, beach ball, crayons, coloring books, hand written note from the kids club staff, among other items. They’re currently promoting Toy Story 4 so we arrived to a few cute Toy Story 4 items. Your black out shades; they open and close with a button. A.m.a.z.i.n.g. Even the toilet paper smells like flowers. You want bed rails and a baby monitor for your child? Don’t worry, they’ll ask you before you even realize you need it. They noticed we flipped the trash barrel over to be used as a kid stool. We blinked and found ourselves with a real kid stool in our room. At turn down service you’ll find the cutest little hand painted figurines on your bed. They’re supposed to ward off bad dreams, but at a hotel like this, bad dreams can’t possibly exist.

Manglar two-bedroom villa

Food: High end authentic Mexican food exists in every corner here. You’ll be eating from the chef’s garden daily and even have the opportunity to try some unique items. Fried grasshoppers with your eggs perhaps? It actually tastes better than it sounds. If you’re a dessert lover, make sure you eat churros every chance you get. You won’t find them this good anywhere else. Want them with lunch at Punta Bonita? (not on the lunch menu) Just ask. But honestly, there are SO many complimentary amenities that begin at 11:00am you might not even need to order lunch. Margaritas, hummus and veggies, smoothies, fruit popsicles, and homemade ice cream to name a few. Not to mention, there is also a pop up every afternoon at the beach such as beer/pretzels, shrimp tacos, calamari, and an ice cream sundae bar. They also cater nicely to picky (ah-hem, mac & cheese and pizza) eating children. The Mexican buffet night at the beach offers a fantastic live band. The staff will even carry your plate to the table. A must try is the La Ceiba dining experience (no kids allowed so book a babysitter). The ambiance alone is worth it never mind the courses of traditional Mayan cooking with the chef. Lastly, and this one shocked us, have you ever eaten outdoors and experienced those pesky little black birds? Rosewood Mayakoba hires a company full time just to keep them away. No, they’re not spraying them with water hoses (that wouldn’t make for a pleasant experience!) but rather using big hawks to scare the bejesus out of those smaller birds. It’s peaceful eating at a whole different level and quite a sight to see.

La Ceiba Garden and Kitchen
Pop up ice cream bar at the beach

Beach: The beach, or rather the ocean water, is the one area we didn’t get to experience the way we had hoped. SEAWEED. Loads and loads of it. June is becoming a tough month to travel due to the seaweed, but it’s also a fantastic time to get a good deal price wise. If you can get over the seaweed this time of year, you can experience the best at a lower price point. The staff at the beach are so accommodating. Want more shade? They’ll find you an extra umbrella. If the ice melts in your complimentary water bucket, they’re refilling it within minutes.

Kids club: A quaint kids club is located at the beach. Their daily schedule always includes some kind of art and cooking project. Our 5 year old daughter had to be bribed out of the kids club. The ladies are warm and welcoming. One of the best parts about the kids club was the task they assign your child at check in- find all the alebrijes (brightly colored Mexican folk art) around the property. Once they find them all, they get to go on a special scavenger hunt full of clues to receive a little prize. The scavenger hunt is a behind the scenes tour (wearing a hair net in the kitchen, seeing all the laundry facilities. etc). SO COOL. Parents don’t normally get to go, but our daughter isn’t exactly outgoing so we got to join in on the fun.


Staff: I started this post by saying, simply put, BEST SERVICE ever, and that’s how I’ll end it. This place is full of amazing people willing to provide you the best and most pampered vacation. They built our daughter an all chocolate graduation cap with the name of her preschool. On the night we had a babysitter in the room, our butler set up a tee pee tent with lights, popcorn, and a movie. And my most favorite of all, we returned from dinner one night to find embroidered pillow cases and a personalized stuffed dog toy for our fur baby at home. I mean, come on? How can you compete with that.

Rosewood Mayakoba website

More info: For all of our Rosewood Mayakoba pictures and videos visit our social media sites. You’ll see a video of the boat ride to the room, our embroidered pillow cases, the best looking churros ever, the hawks keeping away the little black birds, and SO much more.

Until next time, The O’Leary Family

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